Ski equipment rental shop

Bâtiments Ariane 73300 Le Corbier +33 (0)4 79 83 04 39
Ski equipement sail and rental at family and friendly prices. Free overnight lockers for equipment. Near cinema.
Bâtiment Altaïr (centre station) 73300 Le Corbier +33 (0)4 79 83 03 69
The ski-shop La Glisse offers ski equipments rental (ski, race, freeride, freestyle, snowboard, snowshoes, baby sledges). Snowscoot renting.
Bâtiment Véga - Galerie Jean-Noël Augert 73300 Le Corbier +33 (0)4 79 56 74 03
Ski and snowboard equipements sale and rental. Group and family rate. High technology ski repair.
Bâtiment Apollo (Front de Neige) 73300 Le Corbier +33 (0)4 79 56 72 43
Ski equipement sail and rental at family and friendly prices. At the bottom of the slopes, in front of the Sybelles Express Chairlift. Free overnight lockers for equiment.
Ski equipment sale and rental (ski, snowblades, mini ski, snowboard, accessories sladges and clothing). Repair and ski maintenance.
Clothing and accessories shops : Ice Peak , Superdry , Molly Bracken Only , Jack & Jones, Petrol... Summer activities : shoes , clothes and accessories Hiking .
Winter Sport Shop, sale and rental winter sport equipments and accessories. In summer, equipement for sports, hiking and swimming activities.
Ski, snowboard equipment and accessories sale and rental. In the swimming pool galery, resort's center.
Winter sports equipments rental: Ski, snowboard, cross country skis, sledges and snowshoes.
At the bottom of the slope, 50 m from the Sybelles Express chairlift. Equipment rental: skis, snowboards, miniskis, snowshoes Selling: Sportswear, clothing and ski accessories Free lockers for skis. Ski equipment repair and maintenance.